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Edinburgh Festival 2003
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To the kitsch, though comfortable surroundings of the Royal Mile's Crowne Plaza underground bar come Nick Caldwell and Steve Jervis, and their jazz/latin guitar stylings. Nice! Both lads have around 20 years of live performance under their belts, and it shows in their highly-skilled, complex style. They come across as extremely affable, down-to-earth people, unafraid, for instance, of openly using some old underpants to wipe the sweat from their hyperactive strumming hands. If you're into jazz/blues guitar, or are yearning for a bit of soothin' respite from the stress of the High Street, come on down to see Acoustic Graffiti, a pair who are passionate about, and committed to their craft.

Three Weeks rating: 5/5 [rn]

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Acoustic Graffiti - Out of Nowhere

Two blokes, two guitars. A pinch of blues, a soupçon of jazz, a dash of latin spice, sprinkled with crispy bacon bits. Join Acoustic Graffiti on their Fringe debut. No whistling on the way out!


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